We are Mönig

We are Mönig. Your logistics specialist from the Sauerland.

It all began with the transport of milk and wood scraps. We brought the milk churns to the dairy in the mornings and the wood scraps to the chipboard plant in the afternoons. Those were the first jobs for the Mönig company.


Since then, the logistics firm has continuously expanded its know-how and its services. while always remaining in touch with its customers and their requirements. A strong economy needs a strong logistics partner. A partner who tackle any challenges and provides optimal support for the client’s business.

Making things possible and offering solutions that also lie outside the typical logistics area are our daily incentive.


Foundation and structure

Milestones in the period from 1957 to 1965: After Ernst Mönig founded the company in 1957, the first step was to expand the lumber transport division.



Milestones in the period from 1966 to 1978: The 1st roll-off container train is purchased, eliminating the need to load and unload wood chips by hand. From 1977, the range of services is expanded to include metal transport.


Sole takeover of the management by Bernd Mönig after the death of the company founder

Milestones in the period from 1979 to 1991: With the transformation into Mönig Spedition GmbH & Co. KG, Bernd Mönig joins the company’s management. In the same year, the company acquires its first long-distance transport concession. In 1991, Bernd Mönig takes over the sole management after the death of the company founder.


The Gotha branch becomes independent and is renamed Mönig Gotha GmbH.

Milestones in the period from 1992 to 2006: The beverage transport division is expanded. In 2001, the branch office in Gotha is founded, followed by another in Konin, Poland, in 2004. The Europe-wide long-distance transports are spun off into a separate business unit. In addition, Carsten Mönig and Stefan Schöttler join the management team.


50th anniversary of the company

Milestones in the period from 2007 to 2014: The company celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2007. A new era begins with the acquisition of a plot of land in Meschede-Enste. Three logistics halls with a total area of 6,500 m² are built in quick succession.


The development continues

Milestones in the period from 2015 to today: In recent years, the expansion continues to progress. The logistics halls are expanded to 12,000 m². With the establishment of an office in Bremen in 2015, the development of the sea freight division begins. 2016 sees the relocation of the company headquarters to Meschede-Enste. In the course of this, Alexander Schulz becomes the fourth member of the management.

Where the tax is stored

High-percentage products on the high shelf – the spirits tax warehouse. But not before everything is registered by means of EVD.

Long goods

Five meters long… doesn’t matter. Nor where in the world the long goods are loaded into containers and where they have to arrive.

In rough quantities

If production residues made of wood or metal have to be disposed of, reliable logistics are essential. One that can also handle rough quantities of loose bulk material.

Short distances in the Sauerland

Regional producers appreciate the proximity to their logistics provider. And they benefit when this travels worldwide.

Shopped online, delivered quickly

Anyone who runs an online store must focus on their business: Products that meet the need, good selection, reliable manufacturers and customer-friendly processing.

Know-how meets know-how

Equipment manufacturing overseas, sales in Europe. In between is logistics. Ideally, one-stop logistics.